The trip down through Colorado was very nice. We came down the 285 and 160 through central Colorado. It was some amazing country, most of it over 9,000 ft and plenty of fall colors. Kept thinking of the song as we came rolling down the hill towards Pagosa Springs. We didn’t have any chickens stacked up on top of the rig so I figured we were safe from a run-away truck condition – lol.


Stumbled upon a campsite (after 5 miles of dirt road) near the Arkansas River headwaters rec area that was beautiful with just 3 people camped there, including us. This site is now in the top 5.


Got a good shot of the eastern sky being lit up by the setting sun at the campsite.


We made our way to Mesa Verde NP to see the Pueblo cliff dwellings (and get another passport stamp).


Had to climb up and out of one of the dwellings, which was pretty neat.


The fall colors were out at the NP campground, as well as the deer that just appear out of the trees and the coyotes that were enjoying the full moon.


Drove back into Arizona right next to the four corners area so we had to stop and record our ability to stand in 4 states at the same time.


We’re now at The Orme School so Pam can attend some meetings here. Even though we’re still about 4,000 ft here, it’s warmer than in Colorado, and the trees are just starting to think about not being green. The barnyard got a new gate and the grounds look good.


We should be home later this week. I’ll probably do a wrap-up blog for this trip and discuss the 4 future trips that are in the planning stages right now. Oh-yeah.

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