The Rally

Once a year the EarthRoamer folks put together a rally for the owners. It’s a great chance to meet other owners, talk with the EarthRoamer personnel and learn more about the capabilities of the vehicle. Pam and I went to the owner’s rally two years ago, right after we bought the Roamer. It was held in and around Monument Valley for an unforgettable week. Last year, Pam and I were still on the road back east on our Epic trek number 1 and missed the rally in northern Colorado.

This year’s rally would all be at campsites in excess of 9,000 feet and started near Silver Jack Reservoir. The road over Owl Pass to get there was very colorful.


Lou, Nancy, Pam and I arrived a day early to relax and hike around the area. Just beyond the campsite location was a nice pond with the fall colors in full force.



The campsites are typically just open fields that require 4 wheel drive to get there. Here are a few of the rigs backed up to the trees at the first campsite. We had a great campfire and watched the eclipsed moon come up over the mountains the first night of the rally.


The rally moves as a convoy to get to the different campsites. Here’s one of the lineups along the remote roads the rally typically travels before moving out towards the next site.


The next campsite was up in the hills above Telluride, Colorado along the Last Dollar Road. The drive there had some incredible vistas.



The campsite was in a field off the road. There were some incredible campsites along the road, but it was amazing how many folks were out camping during the week to see the fall colors.


The next day we dropped down into Telluride and the valley looking up into Telluride was pretty picturesque.


We then made our way up into the hills behind the Purgatory ski resort outside of Durango, Colorado.


We spent a couple of days here, going over the design features of the rigs, and back-road travel basics like winching. I got to break out my chainsaw to section a downed tree for the roaring campfire that even included a great guitarist in from Boulder and a bourbon and apple cider concoction that was perfect for the fall season.


Some of the rigs had to leave early, but we got a group shot of the remaining folks before heading to the last campsite.


The last campsite was in the hills outside Silverton, Colorado up near Stoney Pass. There was a horse corral where we camped that seemed fitting since our Roamer is our new-age steed and pack animal.


The rally was a blast. Great people, great scenery, learned a ton more about the capabilities of our Roamer and had a great time. Can’t wait to see where the rally is next year.

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