Trip Prep

Retired today. I’ll stop there although many can guess how I feel. Pam and I opened a bottle Cervantes Mountain Cuvee to celebrate. Man that is good stuff. Packing is in progress and our departure is set for sometime tomorrow. We are only going as far as our place on the Rim tomorrow but it will be the last time in the valley and the scorching heat for some time.


I was thinking today about what criteria would make for the ultimate camping site? What rating scale should be used? Ideas are welcome to help set the rating scale to be used for our upcoming trip. The obvious ones are beauty, access (tougher to get to must rate higher) and people (where camping with good friends can tip the scale on many normal looking sites). There is always the intangible element like a good Porter or IPA beer taps on every tree surrounding the site that could easily propel any site to the top as well.

Ideas welcome.

Departure In Sight

This is my first post on the blog that will track our travels in search of the ultimate campsite in our Earthroamer. I retire tomorrow after 30 years of work to start a new adventure of searching for the ultimate campsite with my wife Pam. She retired earlier this year so we both now have the freedom to hit the back roads, forests and wide open spaces that make up North America. I can hardly wait.


Our objective is to travel the US and Canada during this first trip not using any freeways. Should be very easy out west, but may be a little tricky when we get back to the east coast. We will see.