New England

Pam and I have been in Vermont and New Hampshire for the last few days. We spent a night with Mike’s dad and girlfriend in the 1000 island area.


Then we drove into the Adirondacks for a good hike before stopping for the night at Ft Ticonderoga.


The fort is in restoration and the gardens were very nice.



From there we jumped into Vermont. We realized Ben & Jerry’s is in Vermont so we had to stop for a tour.


I liked the sign in their new flavor creating room.


The campsite in Vermont was very nice. I’m still deciding if is should move into the top 5, very possibly.


We then traveled into northern New Hampshire on a Saturday. Not a good idea. Every trail head and stop was packed with folks looking for some outdoor fun.


We then headed up Mt Washington on the COG railroad.


The weather at the top could have been better, but it is known as the world’s worst weather location.


Made our way into Maine yesterday and camped there.


Did a good hike today in northern Maine.


We stopped in a little town’s parking lot along the way to tonight’s site since cell coverage in the east is not that great in the wilderness. Needed to catch up with the blog and take care of a few retired issues via Boeing online. Should be in Canada and at our half-way point of the trek in a couple of days.

45 days on the road and having a great time. Driving the ultimate tent doesn’t hurt either.