Nova Scotia

Pam and I hiked Acadia NP while we waited for our oil change appointment.


There was an interesting trail through the grass marsh as we looked for a 3 foot tall woodpecker.


Signs that it was in the area were all around, but we could not find one (must be hanging with the moose).


Climbed up a great trail to the mountain edge.


Looking out it was hard to decide if I would rather have the yacht, the house or the schooner….


We then took off for Nova Scotia, but missed the ferry from Saint John to Digby so we drove all the way around instead. Made for a long day, but arrived to some of Mom’s great seafood chowder and some cold beers we picked up at the Atlantic Brewing Co. in Bar Harbor the previous night with some great BBQ. Their slogan is “Save the Ales”.

We’re now parked in Mom’s back yard and we’ll decide what will make up the second half of the trip back home.