Hwy 89B in Central Arizona

Not all of our adventures are ”no work and all play”. The rig allows us to do volunteer work away from home while having our “home” with us. We headed to The Orme School, where Pam is on the Board of Trustees, to help with a refurbishing project on one of the old ranch homes.

The house was acquired by the school from the ranch and is in need of some upgrades before it can be used as a future faculty home. We broke out the chainsaw and made easy work of the trees and bushes that had overgrown near the house.

We also removed all the drywall to redo the electrical, plumbing and ducting for the place. It has some nice wooden floors that we’ll fix up and use to keep the old feel of the place. New windows, doors, kitchen and bathrooms are also on the list of upgrades. This should keep us busy into next spring.

After a couple of days of work and getting the place to a good stopping point, we took off to camp for the night off of Hwy 89B between Cottonwood and Sedona. The road used to be FS 525C but has been renamed 89B. It’s a nice dispersed area that gets a lot of use. Luckily, we found a pretty spot where you could see the beautiful rock formations of Sedona in the distance.

The colors at sunset were also something the behold.

The next day we made our way home again, stopping in at the Roadrunner in New River for a nice bite of food. Sometimes the short getaways are just what you need.

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