2019 Yellowstone

We left Burt and Leigh’s place once the storm had passed. At lower elevations, below 7,000 feet, the ground was still warm from the summer, so the snow melted on contact. The Wind River mountain peaks were all white with new snow that made for a pretty drive.

Togwotee Pass, at 9,660 ft in elevation, had a nice blanket of snow, but the roads were clear and dry. The largest accumulation of snow from the storm was around Glacier National Park on the US – Canada border, but we were about 500 miles south of there.

On the other side of the pass we got our first look at the snow-covered Grand Teton Range along the Wyoming – Idaho border.

We dropped down into Grand Teton National Park and enjoyed the view.

The weather was not quite finished yet. Clouds were pushing across the Teton Range with more snow.

We turned north up into Yellowstone National Park and light flurries of snow. We stopped at Old Faithful and did a walk around the geysers. It was a little chilly and my glove got into the shot below of the Old Faithful Inn.

One of the smaller geysers erupted as we walked by.

We caught the tail end of Old Faithful’s eruption.

We retraced our path from last winter when we visited Yellowstone while it was deep in snow. Large herds of bison lined our route on our way to West Yellowstone. From there we turned north again, driving through light and heavy snow along the way, ending up at our most northern destination this trip, Missoula, MT.

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