On to Idaho

The Roamer is fixed and ready to go. Best thing is that the price was $0.00. I love warranty work. Turns out the valve melted a few other things other than just the windshield wiper tubes. It drove nice all the way back to Allan’s house, where we will spend the night. We had to make one stop at the Wasatch Brewery on the way home to try some new flavors. I had to get some “Polygamy Porter – Why have just one”.

Also River’s owner, the Great Pyrenees we found in the woods, called and came over to pick her up. Turns out that he found her and her sister abandoned in the woods about 10 years ago. Her sister too has been all out of sorts for the last week. River slept, drank some water and ate, but was pretty unemotional the whole time until Jason arrived. I now know what it sounds like for a Great Pyrenees to cry for joy when she spotted Jason. He was pretty stoked about us finding her too. He bought the first round for the Germany soccer game today.

Roamer back and running, River back with her owner, had Allan’s pet squirrel Marley race over my body in quest of a nut (or she thought she had just found the biggest nut of them all.. ) spent the day building new toys in the yard (rocket sling shot launcher) for my nephew, doesn’t get much better than this.

We’ll spend the night here in SLC, down a few cold ones with Allan and Stuart, Pam’s cousin flying in from Australia tonight, and hit the road tomorrow morning for Idaho.

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