Black Hills Continued

Nice and slow day today. Caught up on blogs earlier, we did laundry and visited the Jewel Cave. It’s about a 180 mile of cave tunnels with a good 1/2 mile walking path for a tour. The wind cave, another cave not too far away, offers a more spelunking experience where you squeeze through a rather tight space to see the “natural wonders inside”. I’ll let them continue to be a mystery in that cave.


We did stop at the ranger station and got a great map for dispersed camping (just pull off a forest service road). It’s very common is AZ, but not so much as you move east. Picked a spot that was gorgeous for tonight. You can’t see it, but the vista also overlooks the Crazy Horse carving off in the distance. Grilled a couple of steaks and a baked potato for a great meal overlooking the valley. Saw two red-tail hawks circling right in front of us (they wanted the steak), but no deer or elk. Got to say that this ranked as the new #2 spot.


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