UP of Michigan

Spent the last couple of days driving the UP. Lots of woods, water and rocks.



Camped at Fort Wilkins, a turn of the century outpost that has been converted into a state park. There are many state parks around here so we picked up a Michigan Rec pass for the Roamer (even the Roamer gets a sticker) so we could visit them along the way for sight-seeing or just lunch.


While enjoying the views, we have also been enjoying the local brews. I had some Spotted Cow Ale, while Pam preferred the Dancing Man Wheat beer.


Drove down to Indian Lake, next to Lake Michigan for last night’s camp. It seems we are the only folks in Michigan without a boat, canoe or kayak


Today we are going to shoot out the top of the UP into Ontario and across into New York. May take a couple of days due to the size of Ontario so we’ll get one night in Canada along the way.

Our Gas Buddy app showed that the cheapest diesel in the country ($3.69 a gal) was in a small town in the UP. We filled it up in SD, where it was cheap due to the farms and drove to the town along our route. Got to the station with just 9 gallons left in the tank (the aux tank was empty). Now we’re full but will need to refill before entering Canada and the expected prices we’ll see crossing Ontario.


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