We drove to Maine for three reasons: 1) to see Pam’s cousin, 2) to climb Mt Katahdin and 3) to get to Nova Scotia. We also wanted to see a moose. Pam’s cousin is just getting over a recent illness so we’ll see him on our way back through Maine on the way home. Mt Katahdin has vehicle size restrictions for Baxter SP that ruled out the Roamer (9 ft tall, 7 ft wide and 22 ft long – we missed on all three – bummer).

We did camp just outside the park for a nice evening in the woods. We have been eating well on the trip. Here was the honey mustard chicken and asparagus we had for dinner – cooked over the open fire.


The area around the campsite was known for moose.


We did not see a moose but heard something in the night that sounded like a 200 pound cat gagging up a hairball. We did drive around this morning in search of moose but no luck. They must be smaller than I thought….

We did get a picture of Mt Katahdin so we can return in a Prius and climb the thing.


Our truck reminded us it was time to change the oil so we made an appointment in Bangor for Thursday.

To kill some time and get another passport stamp in my National Parks book, we headed down to Acadia NP where you effectively have to guess which direction is correct due to the lack of signs. We turned onto one road only to be met with a stone bridge that was 10 ft 7 in high (the Roamer is roughly 12 ft). Good thing it can turn on a dime since I had to pull off a nice three-point turn on a tiny, wooded road with no shoulder. The next road we turned on (a one way road) had a stone bridge of 12 ft 2 in that we cleared under, but I’m not sure by how much. We finally found the visitor center and the map they give you states “Warning – low bridges! Five low-clearance bridges – advance route planning necessary for RVs and tall vehicles”. Thanks… at least I now know where the other 3 are within the park.

I was just about to rule out Maine as a place to ever visit again until we got to the campsite. Similar to other sites we’ve been to there was a sign at check-in with local food that can be delivered to the camp (mostly pizza). However, our campsite had local lobster delivered to your site for $5 per pound.


Three pounds of lobster and a few ciders tasted great. Maybe I won’t rule out Maine yet.


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