Annapolis Royal

Slowly working Mom’s list of things needing repair around the house. Just finished pressure washing and rolling the first coat on the deck. Not bad when you’re being paid in lobster sandwiches and moosehead beer.


Went over to the farmer’s market and picked up a few good things to eat for the next few days.


Walked by Ft Anne and took this shot of the hills we used to run and side down as kids. The cannon is the one Taylor slipped on and gashed his head to become a real wounded person during a revolutionary era re-enactment they were doing about 15 years ago when he was much smaller.


Went to the theater here to see a dance show where the dancers were 60 to 81 years old. Obviously there was no leaping but it was interesting. Pam and I were definitely some of the younger folks in the crowd.

We’re heading up to PEI (Prince Edwards Island) later this week to see the tall ships that will be in port for the holiday weekend. Then I think the week after that we’ll be heading over to Newfoundland.

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