We are now in Missoula. We did some awesome hikes this morning at Craters NP. That place is so interesting. I now want to add a foundry to my list of things to do and melt down some of the volcanic iron slag into some interesting projects. But that is another story for the future.


We made our way north to Missoula through the Sawtooth National Forest, down the Salmon River valley, over another pass and down the Bitterroot River valley into Missoula. Saw a couple of bald eagles and tons of hay and potatoes. The area is just beautiful and every turn presented a better vista than the previous. The Salmon River road (Hwy 75) could have been a little wider, but it helped to improve my skills driving the Roamer. I think all four tires were touching at all times, but in reality only 3 are required and possibly two if you really lean hard.


One thought on “Missoula”

  1. We did that exact trek. Beautiful. I have cousin in missoula who has alot of land you could camp on. Lol have fun.

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