Sandpoint Getaway

Our boys flew into Missoula Friday and we headed for Sandpoint, Idaho for the Stuart family reunion (Pam’s Mom’s side of the family). Twenty-four folks will be converging on the place, where most of us arrived yesterday. The Roamer was packed full with most of the stuff from the 15 folks who headed in from Missoula. We stopped at a Costco in Coeur d’Alene to pick up the food for 24 folks and one guy came over to us in the parking lot and said, “You have the end of the world vehicle here and you’re loading a ton of food into it. Is there something I should know?”

The place is gorgeous. It looks like some reality TV show house. Pam and her sister found it on VRBO (vacation rentals by owner) and split 24 ways it’s not too bad. It is up for sale if anyone wants to buy it. Pam and I are sleeping in the Roamer at night while we are here. It has become our own space, with our own stuff, and much preferred over a guest room. It’s also a quiet place to relax, tucked in the trees behind the house.


The inside of the house is really nice, with several areas to sit and visit with all the relatives that will be here, two kitchens, a bar area with a tap and many, many bedrooms. Today is the world cup final so I’m sure the TV area will be crowded with the soccer fans all rooting for Germany.


We pick up some water toys today and the ski boat tomorrow. Given the size of the lake, a sail boat may be a good idea too that I need to check into today. Should be a nice week to kick back and enjoy a family visit and the Idaho sunshine.


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