Family Reunion

As we were relaxing on the porch in the evening, we discussed all the places we’ve been and could not recall a “lake vacation” before this one. I say that because it is really nice. We rented a kayak, paddleboard and a ski boat for our time here. The ski boat we had for just a couple days (and maybe later in the week too) but the kids (from 5 to 27) all rode on the tube, got bounced around and loved it.


A few of the bigger kids and adults did some skiing and the old folks (myself included) took the boat around the lake area where we are staying to see some of the houses along the lake. I could easily become a lake person with a boat.


The best idea would be to buy a small lot, build a dock, buy a boat and just park the Roamer on the lot for our house. The Roamer is just parked now in the shade. The tree canopy is so great that the solar panels cannot keep up with the electrical load. However, I found that if I just run the engine for 15 to 20 minutes every 3rd day the batteries fully charge. Also, the roof hatches all have rain sensors so that during 10 minute showers we get the Roamer just automatically closes them down and I don’t have to run out and shut them to keep the inside dry.


The rental house is right next to a fish hatchery. Therefore, there are many osprey and bald eagles that fly overhead all day waiting for the fish releases. At dusk, the house also is the home for about 100 bats that come out of the attic through a sliver of a gap in the flashing and help keep the flying bug population in check.

Reunions are always fun, however more injuries seem to happen to us older folks as the years go on, but the food and beverages are always great. Feeding 24 allows you to buy in bulk so the price per meal is really low for some really good meals. Allan grilled up some “secret recipe” salmon last night for another great meal on the lake.


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