Sandpoint Wrap-up

We all leave the reunion tomorrow in the various directions we came from. As our time comes to an end the real issue will be what is for dinner tonight? The trick is to leave with zero food left so it may be a varied menu tonight. The cousins have had a blast together and we’ll definitely be doing this again.

I did find out that I cannot paddleboard. I think it has something to do with weight to paddleboard buoyancy ratio, and I was on the wrong side of the equation there. The water felt great though and the nephews that jumped on the board to help me made it much better.

Pam and I will drop Tom and Taylor in Spokane tomorrow so they can catch their flight home and then we’ll head back to Missoula in the near term. Turns out that James McMurtry is playing there Saturday night. Sounds like a date night. Then it will be off to Glacier and points East after we restock the Roamer in Missoula.

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