Pam and I left Nova Scotia today after a great three-week stay. Saw a lot of beautiful coastlines, ate some great seafood, caught up with relatives and met many of Mom’s friends in her town.


The tides are always something to see where one minute there is water and seemingly the next there is none (or 6 hours later – it’s tough to keep track of time when you are retired). Far across the bay the dock is about 20 feet tall to give some perspective.



The Roamer is now hauling a trailer.


The ’46 Willys jeep is covered for the trip home. This was a good thing since it was light mist and rain most of today during our trip into New Brunswick.

However, the most interesting thing today is I now know what it takes to change a Roamer tire: 1 hour 45 minutes, 3 guys and $60. We blew a tire outside of Windsor (the origin of hockey for those of you who did not know).


Pam called Roadside Assistance from Progressive and was disconnected. We need to see about that in the near future. Called AAA, who called CAA and while they did not cover RVs they sent a couple of guys to help.


The blowout could not have happened in a better place: level ground, next to an off ramp so we were one lane from traffic, and on the right side so we had soft ground to dig a clearance hole. Got the tire down and mounted without the winch system provided. I’ll have some design changes for our use in the future to make it a little easier. Instead of remounting the spare, we secured it to the trailer to balance it a little better, and it holds the jeep in place when the front tire towing straps work their way off on the rough roads. Bummer not to have a spare, but the blowout now has the job of keeping the jeep on the trailer.

We are in Fundy National Park now and will be heading across the border into Maine tomorrow after a morning hike here.