Got the Roamer a new pair of shoes. 4 new shoes and the truck hummed from Maine through all the Northeast in what seemed like very little time. I’ve never seen welcome signs for states go by so fast, and we weren’t even driving as fast as the speed limit due to the trailer.


We made our way to Slippery Rock, PA to visit with my sister and her husband. Very relaxing, great food and then met up with a high-school buddy on our way out of town that will hopefully lead to a future trip together.

Crossed the border into Ohio and stopped in Wooster to have lunch with my nephew going to school there. Wooster has the college, but as we found out, it’s also the home of Goodyear, Smuckers and Rubbermaid. In fact Rubbermaid has a store with just about all of their products that we had to visit.


After our last 4 long driving days, we decided to get back into our normal travel routine and stopped at a park just south of Wooster for the night. Looks like the leaves are starting to change and everyone’s predicting another cold winter for the east.