Mid America

We’ve been in the heartland of the US for the last few days, in Missouri and Kansas. Stopped to camp at a lake near the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. Nice spot, wide open campground and the trees in the lake gave it a swamp feel. The host warned us of the “skeeters” that would come visiting when the sun goes down.


We stopped at Big Springs, an underwater river that re-appears out of the rock wall with a few million gallons of clear, blue water every day.


We then stumbled upon the trout fishing capital of Missouri, Bennett Springs State Park. This campsite was nearly full with fishing folks. It’s right next to the hatchery and the water is clear enough that you can see the trout swimming in the stream. The park diner there will even prepare your freshly caught fish for dinner if you want.


Today we stopped in Greensburg, Kansas. This was the town leveled in 2007 by a 1.5 mile wide tornado. It is also the home of the largest hand dug water well – one of the top 8 wonders in Kansas according to the guide. You could climb down into it – so we did.


We’re stopped now for a laundry break and will be into Colorado tomorrow.