Tired in Maine

Pam and I were going to change out the tires in Salt Lake City on the way home, but since the one blew we decided to change them out now. The tires are not stock items (Continental Tire MPT81 335/80 R20) so we have the tires coming in from South Carolina and the rim o-rings coming in from Colorado to hopefully result in a change out this Thursday.

In the mean time we are here at Pam’s cousin helping to pass the time. We went on a nice canoe ride yesterday on one of the many lakes around the area.


Also helped John catch up with some tasks that needed to be completed before winter. A new roof vent project that John and I completed just before the rain started:


And Pam and I stacked the first of 2 and 1/2 chords of wood (the remainder comes tomorrow):


If things go as planned we’ll be on the road again with new tires and a spare on Friday and into western PA at my sister’s on Saturday.

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