Wright – Pat

As we were heading west in Ohio I noticed that Dayton was on the way, and the USAF museum – had to stop.

However, we had to delay our trip to the museum a day because we spent some time on the highway waiting for U-Haul to send someone out to repair a blown trailer tire. Must be something about the right-rear tires on this trip. However, waiting in the Roamer with food, drinks and a comfortable place to stretch out and read is not so bad.


We’ve noticed the campgrounds are getting real empty, especially in the areas where you don’t need electrical hook-ups. We had the entire circle to ourselves – almost like dispersed camping – lol.


The USAF museum is huge. We spent 6 hours at the museum going through the several hangars they have for the different generations of aircraft. Unlike when we were camped on Mokie Dugway, we did get the B-1 picture this time. It was about the same distance away and below as before, but moving significantly slower this time.


Visited the R&D hangar and saw some UFOs. I knew the guy who worked on this at Avro Canada. Every aircraft has many good stories to them as does this one based on my discussions with John.


They also had a C-17 on the ramp outside, the plane both Pam and I worked on in Long Beach many years ago. This one was T-1 (test aircraft 1) where its credits were not combat missions, but Hollywood movies it had flown in (Superman, Ironman, etc).


We drove out of Ohio and are now in Kentucky, Daniel Boone country. The campground tonight was so empty that we got a spot and firewood for free. I’m starting to like this time of year…

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